the six-figure business analyst book

Chapter 1

If you dislike your current situation, only you have the power to change it and it's much simpler than you really think. But you may ask How?

Your value is not based on your job title. You bring a lot to the table more than you give yourself credit for and when you truly harness your true potential, it will drive your career in an astonishing speed which leads to your income being doubled and even tripled.

Action Steps

  •   Create a list of seven tasks that you have successfully accomplished in your current and previous positions. Spend some time on this.
  •   If you desire feedback, consider joining the six-figure Business Analysts Facebook Group: Join our Facebook Group
  •   If you feel inclined to share your top seven achievements for accountability and support, go ahead and tag me in the Facebook group. I'll be on the lookout for your post!

Chapter 2

Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. If you can believe it and see it, then you can achieve it. This is why your mindset is so important.

If you’re working hard and you’re not getting what you want, then you have to work on your mindset, because you get what you ask for.

Action Steps

  •   Write down how much you're worth right now, and how much you deserve to be paid, and post it in our Facebook group right now. Go as high as possible.
  •   Share your new desired salary with us. You’re worth it.
  •   If you’d like support, tag me on that post. I want to make sure that you don't lowball yourself.
  •   Listen to one of my Fireside Chat With Eno episodes. In this episode, I outline the mindset mastery strategies that we use in the Business Analysis School.

How To Become A Six Figure Analyst in 7 Steps

Chapter 3

No matter what industry you’ve been in, cataloging your capabilities is what’s missing for you to take your career to the next level of growth, to get you into your dream career a lot faster than you can fathom.

Action Steps

  •   Visit our resource page at The Six Figure Business Analyst to access the PDF workbook. With this workbook, you will be guided through an exercise.
  •   Follow the prompts in the workbook to create a list of new solutions that you implemented with your previous or current employer.
  •   From that list, provide detailed descriptions of how you solved problems, helped the company generate more revenue, and saved money.
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Chapter 4

Reading, recognizing, and researching industry standards can save you a great deal of time and stress while making your transition into the field easier and more fulfilling.

When making a career transition, you can't determine your needs solely based on various websites, online courses, and YouTube videos. Every industry maintains a standard for success, which you must identify and adhere to. Doing your career transition correctly requires studying to meet the industry standards and requirements.

Providing our students with the exact success roadmap based on industry standards is our strength at Business Analysis School. That's why our students achieve rapid results in training and securing lucrative business analysis jobs within weeks or months of joining our school.

Action Steps

  •   Start by reading business analysis blogs to get a good sense of the industry. You can find these blogs on our Business Analysis School website, Here, you'll discover plenty of information that will help you understand the different roles and requirements for business analysts.
  •   Visit the IIBA® website where you can learn more about the career and access industry reports and white papers:
  •   Obtain an individual membership with the IIBA®. This will provide you with more insight into industry reports, briefings, and the latest industry trends. You'll gain knowledge about in-demand skills, what companies are currently seeking, and the hiring trends in the industry.
  •   Attend webinars and summits that can enhance your understanding of the industry. You can find information about these events on the IIBA® website, or you can follow me on social media as we also host such events. Most of these events are held online, making it convenient for you to attend. Check our resources page for a comprehensive listing.
  •   Bonus: Visit my YouTube channel right now and check out my industry reports. I conduct an annual industry report review where I discuss skill requirements and certification requirements that employers are currently looking for. Watch these reports here: OurYouTube Channel

Chapter 5

Opportunities for growth and advancement come when you network with the right people. You also have to be in the right place and right time. You have to put yourself out there.

Your current role is not a limitation of your future role. Instead, no matter what you’re doing, see it as a stepping stone for your next incredible career pivot or a lucrative promotion.

In an organization where you love the culture and the people, don’t overlook the fact that your pivot opportunities may be within that company.

Action Steps

  •   List roles within your current employer and write out all the roles that you're interested in and are qualified for.
  •   Identify individuals within your organization whom you can speak to right now to help facilitate your career upgrade.
  •   Develop a strategy for initiating engaging work-related conversations with them that will showcase you as a standout professional.
  •   If you’d like additional support and feedback, share your strategy on our Facebook: Join our Facebook Group

Chapter 6

Regardless of the career you are transitioning from, you possess transferable soft skills. The key is to articulate what they are and align them with the requirements of your new career.

Action Steps

  •   Identify the soft skills required based on your research in the Industry Reports you've chosen. Refer to the previous section for examples.
  •   Reflect on how and when you've applied these soft skills in your previous work experiences.
  •   Consult your colleagues for their insights on the soft skills you've demonstrated and when you've exhibited them.
  •   Share your findings in the Six-Figure Business Analysts Facebook group: Join our Facebook Group
  •   If you want additional support and input, feel free to tag me on your post.

Chapter 7

In our Business Analysis School, we guide each of our students through the industry requirement evaluation and upskilling process.

The tech industry is fast-evolving, and we offer the most current and cutting-edge upskilling courses to ensure our students have access to the knowledge required to meet the fast-changing industry needs.

Action Steps

  •   Visit a job board, such as, and extract five job descriptions for positions that you currently aspire to. These positions should ideally be one level above your current role.
  •   Compare each job description to the skills you have identified in Chapter 6. List and assess the skills required in the job descriptions in relation to your current skill set.
  •   Create a list of skills that are needed for these positions but that you currently lack. This will help you identify the courses and training you need to pursue.
  •   After completing these steps, share your findings and tag me in the Facebook group: Join our Facebook Group

Chapter 8

To succeed rapidly, you need to:
Leverage the right people and Hire the right coach.

Certifications aren't enough to make you valuable in the market. You require the right strategies and opportunities, along with confidence and belief in your potential. This can be challenging when you're venturing into unfamiliar territory. You need an experienced mentor who believes in you and can guide you along the way.

At Business Analysis School, we offer a comprehensive blend of technical and soft skills training, assist you in identifying your strengths based on past experiences and training, and provide guidance in resume and interview preparation. We strive to help you conquer your fears, boost your confidence, and cultivate a wealth-oriented mindset.

Action Steps

  •   Visit Business Analysis Coaching Page to watch our free training where we teach you the essential skills to help you get into business analysis by leveraging your strengths, without a tech degree.
  •   In this training, you can receive free coaching right away to initiate the process of becoming a six-figure business analyst.

Chapter 9

In our program right now, we have coaches who help our students negotiate their offers and compensation packages with a 100% success rate. I provide my students with negotiation training and a template to negotiate their salaries. Every time our students use this salary negotiation template, they're able to get at least $20,000 to $50,000 more in their base salary alone.
I also teach them the other parts of a compensation package that they should be negotiating, based on the industry standards.

Action Steps

  •   Reflect on your past job offers and your decision-making process of how you accepted them.
  •   Based on all the work you did in the previous chapters of cataloging your capabilities, create a mock plan of how you’d negotiate an imaginary offer for a higher salary and a better compensation package. You can practice this with your most current job offer letter and compensation package.
  •   Check our Resources page to see what business analysts with your experience level are earning based on industry research. We update this every year: The Six Figure Business Analyst
  •   You can share your results in the Six-Figure Business Analysts Facebook Group: Join our Facebook Group

Chapter 10

Being part of an ambitious, growth-focused environment encourages proactive action toward upskilling and achieving financial success.
In our Business Analysis School, we have a vibrant community of ambitious students who collaborate. They study for certifications and practice interview preparation together.When you're stuck or confused and unsure how to resolve issues, you can reach out to our community, me, or any of the coaches in the group. We provide feedback and answers to help you succeed in your projects.

Action Steps

  •   Access our free community group, the six-figure Business Analyst Facebook Group right now. Explore the atmosphere and draw inspiration from individuals who are enhancing their wealth through upskilling: Join our Facebook Group
  •   Craft a post introducing yourself and state your desire for an accountability partner. Pair up with another dedicated individual and support each other on your journeys to success.
  •   Initiate your business analysis career by visiting: Business Analysis Coaching Page

Chapter 11

Tech entrepreneurship encompasses a variety of scales. You can start small, by offering teaching and consulting services on the side, or you can go big by becoming a thought leader with a strong personal brand. This requires a presence on social media, engaging in public speaking, running a podcast or YouTube channel, teaching at events, and even hosting your own events.

Through these endeavors, I created multiple streams of income, not just through my business analysis skills but also through 1:1 consulting for businesses, personal branding, and public speaking, in addition to my training school.

Action Steps

  •   If you haven't already, please visit the provided link to ensure you take all the action steps outlined in this book.
  •   Join us at our next Thought Leadership Business School Live event, where you might even have the chance to meet me in person!

Chapter 12

Recommended Action

  •   Participate in the Thought Leadership Business School Live event and enroll in the Thought Leadership Mastermind program
  •   Your journey to becoming a six-figure business analyst and expanding your career into a highly sought-after consultant role is within your reach.
  •   I am excited to guide you toward your dream life and career.

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