Business Analysis School 2023 Scholarship Giveaway by Eno Eka

July 26, 2023

The Business Analysis School just concluded its 2023 scholarship program in celebration of Black History Month, and it was a huge success. The founder and CEO, Eno Eka, awarded scholarships worth $2400 to eight lucky winners who were selected based on their outstanding performance.

The scholarship was designed to help the winners advance in their careers by providing them with a free certification course with the Business Analysis School. This will aid their career advancement and launch them into a six-figure family.

The scholarship was first announced during the February 2023 Masterclass to the participants in the VIP and VIP Platinum with a simple task of sharing their training experience on any social media platform including why they want to be awarded a scholarship by the school. The school recorded a significant level of entries and after careful deliberation, 8 winners were selected and awarded the “The IIBA Business Analysis Certifications For Europe, Middle East, and Africa Program” worth $297 each.

The eight winners of the scholarship are:

  1. Bukola Akano
  2. Adedoyin Sogbesan
  3. Kesiye Mercy Umeme
  4. Osamudiamen Ero
  5. Chika-Inoma Elsie Chinenye
  6. Juliet Edwin-Oko
  7. Zandile Maphosa, and 
  8. Mojisola Oyekunle. 

These individuals were carefully selected from a pool of applicants based on their skills, and commitment to excellence.

More than ever, the Business Analysis School is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the business analysis industry. The scholarship program is one of the ways the school is contributing to the growth and development of the industry by providing opportunities for individuals to advance their careers.

Become a Certified Business Analyst

The winners of the scholarship program have expressed their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow with the Business Analysis School. They are looking forward to taking the certification course and applying the knowledge and skills they will gain to their careers.

In conclusion, the Business Analysis School's scholarship program is an excellent initiative that is helping to advance the careers of talented individuals in the business analysis industry. Congratulations to the eight winners, and we look forward to seeing them achieve great success in their careers.

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