Challenges of a Business Analyst

March 7, 2022
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If you’re a business analyst or working towards becoming one, you’d know how challenging it is to analyze data with all the information on your hands. But what about those other challenges? We will cover some of them in today’s article. 

Every business analyst faces challenges. Some are cyclical and predictable. For example, the summer and holiday seasons can mean that your projects might not move forward as fast as you want them to because of vacations, illness, and other factors beyond your control.

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As a business analyst, you are supposed to communicate data, results, and finer points to all sorts of different people. For example, leaders need insights on how the company is doing, sales and marketing managers want forecasts for their products and financial analysts need guidance in making better decisions. Communicating these insights involves presenting the information in a clear and relevant manner. As an analyst, you have to present a wide variety of reports focused on different things to different people. In order to be successful, you will have to deal with numerous challenges in this area.

What are the challenges faced by Business Analysts?

Business analysts are the secret weapon behind successful digital products. They make sure that the right parts of a product come together and that the right processes are in place. No matter how advanced your technology may be, your digital product will fall short of its potential if it is rushed or poorly managed. It’s why successful companies invest heavily in business analysts.

Business analysts are the mediator between the customer and the development team. The business analyst’s role is to understand your needs and translate them into technical requirements.

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Thanks to this, the business analysis brings great benefits to our customers, but it also faces some challenges. What are these challenges? There are many difficulties that a BA can face during the project, but let’s mention the three most common ones:

The misconception of BA’s scope of work

There might be a misconception about what does a BA does on a daily basis, or what kind of skills does he need to have in order to perform his job well. A Business Analyst must be able to communicate effectively with different teams e.g. developers, testers, clients, product owners, etc., and he must also know how to manage his time appropriately in order to meet deadlines.

Changing requirements

Requirements change all the time! It is not uncommon when during each sprint we need to adapt our product backlog to new requirements. It is important for us as BAs to be able to manage that change effectively and keep it under control so that it doesn’t affect our final product. Requirements change all the time! It is not uncommon however changing the requirements rashly is bad for the business needs.

Undocumented processes.

It's hard enough being new at your job without someone telling you all about an important process that isn't written down anywhere or explained very well. If this happens to you, don't be afraid to ask questions! Your colleagues might even appreciate being asked because they might need help themselves!

A business analyst gathers information from a client and then translates that information into the requirements for a software or website. It is often the case that business analysts are approached with incomplete or incorrect information about what exactly the client wants the software to accomplish. The business analyst must gather data and ask questions until they understand what the scope of work is, and this can be difficult if the client is not well informed about their own needs. Business analysts also face challenges when clients make changes to their requirements during a project. This can make it hard for developers to stay within budget and meet deadlines.

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Another challenge for business analysts is dealing with processes that are not documented. This can make it difficult for them to do their jobs because they don't know all the details of how a system works, which means they can't make informed recommendations about how it can be improved.


Conduct a thorough examination of the project before embarking on it and be certain that you are on the same page with your clients and your co-workers. Business Analyst is a much-needed position in the corporate world if you find yourself on the career path keep going and don't relent.

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