From Accounting To Business Analysis: I Did It With No Degree In Computer Science and Technology

July 26, 2023

The Travails of a Nigerian Immigrant to Canada, A Story of Resilience- Part 1

I went from being told I wasn’t good enough and not having the Canadian experience.

To coaching and mentoring over a thousand immigrants, getting nominated for AVENUE CALGARY Top 40, FORBES under-30 and being awarded the Mentorship Award for WOMEN INSPIRATION 2019.

My name is Eno Eka. I am a Business Analyst and I would like to tell you a little bit about my journey thus far.

Here’s how I have achieved such success overcoming all doubts and adversity…

My parents wanted me to be a medical doctor. I insisted on studying ACCOUNTING.

I wanted to be an accountant so bad that I had to wait an extra year to get my preferred course after being offered a degree in a different field from my dream school then…

After graduation, I got employed to work based on my expertise.

Along the line, I got bored.

I found accounting monotonous and outdated. With technology on the rise. Accounting was going beyond the basic Excel spreadsheets and bookkeeping.

Everything was getting automated. The technology was driving everything and I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted something different, being innovative and using my skills to solve problems.

I took a project management course. I started coordinating projects.

But, I wanted more. I wanted:

- Being independent and innovative.

- Working with people at all levels of the organization.

- Asking questions and getting answers to problems.

- To feel part of the ever-evolving technology.

Business analysis is more of innovation and changes through technology & digital transformation which excited me.

It’s in high demand, more and more companies are looking to have an upgrade of the existing systems to stay competitive by adopting new technology.


Everyone around me questioned my decision for a career change. Most said “You are an accountant, why not get certified. You don’t have a degree in computer science or engineering. You can’t survive it.”

I thought about what's closest to me, being a critical thinker and a problem solver.

Business Analysis (BA) was the answer.

We are in a DIGITAL ERA, it’s either BA or nothing. I went ahead with my decision, took a course on business analysis, got an international certification in Business Analysis.

Become a Certified Business Analyst
Become a Certified Business Analyst

I have worked with several amazing companies ranging from Financial Institutions to Digital Technology firms and have been invited for speaking engagements on several occasions in Canada to speak about Career Transition, Progression and facing adversity.

There were moments my qualification was questioned. Being an African, I have been labelled….from being told during an interview that they were surprised I speak “Good English”, to having several degrees and certifications and being told I was too young and ambitious, to my residency status being questioned because of my skin color…

Yes, I know you have experienced this too…

You see, I have fought several battles in my not so long sojourn here in Canada…

On my arrival to Canada, my bags were lost on my final flight to Calgary and I had to start my life in my country from ground zero.

Dear friends, I have come to realize that with every adversity we face, we unlock a new level of greatness…

Who is a Business Analyst?

Anyone who is the link between business and technology. The business analyst is someone who understands an organization’s problems and goals and is constantly analyzing needs, devising strategies and driving change whilst collaborating with people in all levels of the business

What Do Business Analysts Do?

- Forming of strategies into plans to transform business requirements for IT staff and others to execute.

- Organizational processes, structures, and goals are evaluated by them for gap identification in performance to provide tailored solution-based information.

- They are relied upon by technical members of the team to point out how tasks can be quickly done.

What Are The Opportunities For You

It is a fast-evolving industry. More and more companies are looking for solutions to existing problems and ways to catch up with the trends of innovation and technology changes.

Your value addition reflects your worth in the industry.

Your location, education, certifications, performance, and additional skills and experience influence your salary.

How Can You Become a Business Analyst?

Are you currently carrying out these tasks in your day to day job? If yes…

You’re already having most of the required skills to become a business analyst

You don’t actually need IT skills to become a business analyst. However, if you want to be a business analyst on an IT project, you will need to have a technical understanding of IT solutions.

With the following skills: communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, documentation and specification, analysis, facilitation and elicitation, relationship building and time-management skills you can be a BUSINESS ANALYST.

If you lack business analysis qualifications, you can get yourself qualified and experienced in that field.

No need for a computer science or engineering degree.

You can take courses, get certified and have mentors guiding you whilst you are constantly improving yourself.

If you have difficulties trying to figure out the right steps, I’m here to help YOU.

I help immigrants like YOU looking to make their mark in this part of the world.

I’ve been told I wasn’t qualified enough, not having the Canadian experience.

My qualification was questioned and being asked if Africans speak English.

And, I believe there are people out there just like me, having their intelligence questioned due to skin color and country of origin.

I stand for every one of you, I have held space for you and left the door wide open for you to come in.

You are more than capable. You can be what you choose to be with the right information and guidance.

You can transition from your current profession to business analysis by enrolling in a CBAP-Business Analyst Certification Training, it will help you stand out among your colleagues and increase your chance of succeeding.

Need help kickstarting your Business Analysis career or levelling up in your career as an immigrant? Reach out to me here on LinkedIn at Eno Eka and on any other social platforms @enyconsulting, I will be happy to help you get started.

Who will guide you better than someone sharing your pain, and walking through it successfully? Send me a message to get started.

Happy to help you on this journey, you’re not alone!

Eno Eka

Founder & CEO, Eny Consulting Inc.

VIDEO: Woman of Inspiration Award for Mentorship 2019, Award Acceptance Speech

About the Author

Eno Eka is an award-winning Business Analysis Coach and Instructor who is on a mission to help and empower 1000 people start and transition successfully into Business Analysis

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