How I quickly grew my income to 6 figures as a new Immigrant in Canada

July 26, 2023

The Travails of a Nigerian Immigrant to Canada — A Story of Resilience: Part Two


It’s 2 years already in Canada.

It still feels like yesterday when I left my home in Surulere, Lagos to embark on this journey.

The picture below on the left was me on my Ethiopian airline flight out of Lagos to Addis-Ababa.

Scraping all of my savings and jetting out…

Leaving my certainty for uncertainty with only a dream and a lot of hope for future success.

I had heard so many scary stories about immigrants in North America, I didn’t sleep for many nights.

I was told to quit my dream of having a career in Business Analysis and getting that dream job.

Everyone starts at the bottom and I just had to do the same.

To be honest, I moved my flight twice.

I left Nigeria, the day before my permanent residency visa expired.

Silly me, I was allowing external influences to affect my internal.

Even in my fears, I was certain about one thing.

I was not going to do any menial or survival jobs.

I was certain that as a professional and highly skilled immigrant, I had enormous value to offer any organization in any industry.

On arriving in Canada, I lost my bags and had to start from ground zero.

I was told that the only way to survive was to get a survival job but I knew what I wanted and pushed ahead.

I was a girl on a mission!

I got my first job in 2 weeks of arriving in Canada.

It was at this point I knew that there was no going back in being resilient.

I didn’t get comfortable, I had goals to accomplish.

Remember I told you I’m a girl on a mission.

I found mentors along the way to guide me in my chosen career path.

I knew the things that would make me stand out were my intellectual capacity and value proposition.

I invested heavily in my knowledge, capacity building and coaching because I knew I couldn’t play small.

Lived a minimalist and frugal life because I had a goal.

I set realistic and attainable goals for myself and worked hard daily to achieve them.

I sacrificed a lot to achieve this because I knew that my external is only a reflection of my internal.

I poured so much into my personal development bank, in no time I started reaping the benefits…

Still reaping the benefits…

In 5 months, I registered my business corporation in Canada.

In 8 months, I had grown my income level to 6 figures as a Business Analyst.

I was working my dream job as a Business Analyst, creating content and teaching Business Analysis at a University in Canada.

Providing Business Analysis Consulting Services globally through my business, Eny Consulting Inc.

In 13 months, I got my first award nomination for my mentorship and coaching activities provided to over 1000 immigrants to Canada.

In 14 months, I made the down payment for my first house… A 3 bedroom double garage corner piece that I instantly fell in love with at first sight.

In 18 months, I received my first award The 2019 Award for Mentorship by Universal Women’s Network.

In 19 months, I received my Forbes 30 under 30 nomination for Education and was invited to Germany to meet other educators.

In 20 months, I moved into my beautiful house as my Christmas present.

In 21 months, I gifted myself a Mercedes Benz GLA on my birthday because I deserved it, it was a worthy gift for all the sacrifice and to celebrate surpassing $1,000,000 in cumulative income for all my mentees and students

In 24 months, I have received over 6 award nominations, coached and grown my community to over 5000 professionals, been invited to speak on several topics ranging from How to start and grow a successful Business Analysis Career to How to transition careers successfully, written an e-book on my career transition from Accounting to Business Analysis, launched the Business Analysis Accelerator Program to help aspiring business analysts transition successfully and get their dream jobs in Business Analysis, and grown my Business Analysis Consulting Services to serve clients in more countries thereby increasing my staff strength and empowering people with jobs.

Become a Certified Product Manager
Become a Certified Product Manager

My team is now spread across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America

I am happy and grateful now that my dreams are coming true.

What used to seem like just a vision is now a reality.

I went from earning roughly N100,000 monthly about $250 USD to over 100X because I held onto my dreams, beliefs and visions.

I didn’t allow the stories to deter me, I was resilient in my pursuit for success, I invested heavily in myself because I knew that my earnings will always be proportionate to my value.

I am not near where I desire to be, I haven’t stopped investing in myself.

I know the future is brighter and I am positioning myself for that opportunity to rewrite my story again.

I share my journey to unmasking confidence as a new immigrant in my interview with Adoniaa Beauty here

Do watch and share with your friends and if someone ever told you not to pursue your dreams, remember my story and tell them that Eno did it and is doing it.

Thank you for reading.

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Wishing you continued success,

Eno Eka

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