How To Build A Career in Cybersecurity as a Business Analyst

September 20, 2021
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How To Build A Career In Cybersecurity As A Business Analyst

Why do I have to consider cybersecurity today or in the future? Cybercrime comes with a hefty price tag. Hence, the need to attract new workers from other professions, or recent graduates with tangential degrees, as well as seasoned professionals from consulting and contracting sectors.

What is a Business Analyst?

If you don't know what a Business Analyst is, you're not alone. There is a widespread misunderstanding about what a Business Analyst does. Let me clarify the role of Business Analysts through the case of one, Jonas Novotny, who describes the role of a Business Analyst as a person (not a company) that specializes in research, planning, and strategic development of a business, as well as the improvement of internal and external business processes and functions. Business Analysts guides individuals to meet requirements, work with people to improve their understanding of each other, and coordinate functions to support the needs of the entire organization.

Now, however, let's see why you should consider cybersecurity today and in the future and why you should consider a career in Cybersecurity as a business analyst.

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Why do I have to consider cybersecurity today and in the future?

One simple reason is that criminals are adapting their methods in response to government efforts to curb their crime. The big question is: How can a career in cybersecurity today contribute to helping prevent and combat cybercrime in the future? A career in cybersecurity today and in the future? As a business analyst in cybersecurity, you are responsible for assessing the business needs of the project, converting these into formal business requirements, and producing the documents that will allow the (remainder of the) project team to define, develop and implement a solution that will meet these needs. A career in cybersecurity as a business analyst will not only help to protect the employees and customers from threats but also to understand areas of vulnerabilities.

Of course, the costs and impact of making the world totally safe have limitations, that's why business analysts advise on how appropriate risk management can be applied. The IIBA Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis knowledge areas provides the essential learning modules to assist BAs in developing cybersecurity expertise in creating a safe and secure cyber environment.

How can you start a career in cybersecurity as a business analyst?

Learn about these roles and seek the right certifications.  A career as a cybersecurity consultant may be your best option, especially if you're a new graduate with skills in analytics or security. Business Analysis, Business analysts, and the teams they support, work on analyzing, troubleshooting, and analyzing with purpose. You don't need to have a degree in cybersecurity or be a cybersecurity expert, all you have to do is learn the critical role of business analysts as a starting point for building a career in cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity continues to be a driving force in the ever-growing information technology industry, but the number of trained professionals currently available to meet demand is less than adequate. As businesses continue to move towards cybersecurity, IT positions and other related professional positions will be increasingly in demand. As a Business Analyst interested in Cybersecurity, now is the best time to put your foot forward. Companies that promote, motivate, and train their employees effectively will find the right employees to meet their demands. The right business analyst security professional in the industry can significantly reduce business risks, improve efficiency, enhance productivity and overall company performance.

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