The Impact of Business Analysis in the Tech Community

December 20, 2021
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The Impact of Business Analysis in the Tech Community

Business analysts play a critical role in explaining the business in technical language and vice-versa. Business analysts apply advanced analytical methods to business problems to help managers make better decisions while technology is at the heart of all modern business.

Defining business analysis

Business analysts make decisions based on customer needs. They build strategies based on who needs what, and how it can be delivered. This process is known as business analysis. The process involves the following key points:

- Inventory

- Defining the needs

- Determining the boundaries of the need

- Sizing the need

- Suggesting the solution

- Monitoring the need


Business analysis is the process of envisioning the customer journey and business processes in which products or services can help solve problems for customers.

The good news is that businesses are increasingly relying on business analysis and Analytics to make business decisions. Businesses rely on statistical analyses to come up with customer-centric decision-making.

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Impact of business analysts in the tech community

Lifelong learning is an important part of developing a business analyst and in today's volatile environment, ongoing professional development is vital for the betterment of the profession.

More and more technology-savvy business analysts are also a part of the 'third workforce' – those who work with and around their organizations' technology.

The impact of business analysts on business is immense because the tech community employs a large number of people who are not always 'tech-minded. For instance, key managerial positions are usually filled by people with backgrounds in finance or operations.

However, more and more tech-savvy workers with strong analytical skills are seeking career opportunities in the tech community.

The Role of Business Analyst in the Tech Community

With over 70% of IT jobs in the US now requiring at least some business analysis, it’s no wonder business analyst jobs are being highly valued.

From explaining the financial impact of new tech projects to evaluating a company’s data center infrastructure and handling legal issues for compliance, business analysts have the ability to make a big difference for an organization in the tech industry.

If you are looking for a Business Analyst job, here are a few tips you can follow to attract the best candidates: A Business analyst must have strong writing skills, use English, a second language or not, depending on the company, who hire you. Another thing that is necessary is a good understanding of business processes.


There are no shortcuts to becoming an expert in business analysis. The top 50 BAs in the U.S. are carefully selected by the company that employs them. These Business Analysts are passionate about pursuing advanced studies and professional certifications. All of this knowledge is gathered through thousands of hours of research, reading, and studying. This really makes an impact on the way that business analysts and tech vendors function in their respective organizations.

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