The link between Business Analysis and Technology

January 10, 2022
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Much of the business analysis within companies are often used as ‘shadow technology’ where they are not exposed to the other functions within an organization.

This can often cause problems as business analysts try to communicate information through technology while the technology is unable to fully accommodate the data or provide a meaningful solution.

The use of Business Analysis within technology organizations is growing and “Technology integration, both customer-facing and operational, is getting more and more complex. The earlier organizations realize how they can merge their services business analysis and technology the better it is, Many organizations are getting left behind because they have not evolved in the use of technology and they have also not employed a proper hand to manage their business and provide analytics services.

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Impact of business analysts in the decision-making process

Instead of focusing on the technicalities of solutions, business analysts need to consider the business elements that affect the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. This ensures that technical innovations are directed towards meeting business needs. This, in turn, impacts the overall success of the project. The conclusion? Business analysts play a key role in designing innovative solutions that effectively meet business needs.

Whether you need to develop a business application to streamline the day-to-day operations of a business or to design a solution that solves a tricky coding problem. Business analysts play a critical role in building a solution that is both accessible and beneficial to the business.

The opportunities for business analysts in the tech industry

The majority of new technologies have created new roles in the business world. Business analysts are heavily in demand in these tech jobs. It is also true that most tech giants have started developing and implementing business analysis solutions to drive their sales and operational efficiency.

"Most tech startups or enterprises implementing Business Analyst role should engage software development companies for support. These companies can offer more than just quality development support. Business analysts are more interested in the implementation than in conceptualizing or prototyping. The opportunities for Business Analysts today, are limitless. Business Analysts drive solutions and growth for an organization. Also, more than ever before, you are likely to find a business analyst in all professional sectors.

Therefore, regardless of your preferred industry, you are certain to serve a high purpose as a business analyst. You can learn how to maximize your potentials, grab opportunities and grow your income to six figures through Eno Eka's story.


Anywhere you hear technology, be assured that business analysis will be linked to it. Having this knowledge, invest as much as you can in developing yourself and also learn the skill of positioning. As you grow your skills, also position yourself for the opportunities available to you.

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